Various Artists: The Complete Songs of Robert Burns Vol. 12

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Media: CD
Genre: Folk & Traditional
Catalogue Number: CKD 201
Label: Linn records
Released: 2002

Dr Fred Freeman , the series producer for The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, is an Honorary Fellow of the Department of English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. His research interests include the vernacular revival, ethnic minority writers in Scotland and, of course, Song. Specifically the song as a form in the 18th-century, with reference to Allan Ramsay, Robert Tannahill, James Hogg, Sir Walter Scott, contemporary Scottish songwriters, and Burns. He said of the project:
I have intended the series to be a tribute both to Burns the song-writer and to the contemporary Scottish folk movement: in many respects, the most dynamic folk movement in Europe.

This product can also be bought as part of The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns Box Set


  1. Love & Liberty - A Cantata :
  2. Recitation ( Fred Freeman)
  3. I am a Son of Mars (Tich Frier)
  4. Recitation ( Fred Freeman)
  5. I Once was a Maid (Mairi MacInnes)
  6. Recitation (Fred Freeman)
  7. Sir Wisdoms A Fool (Tich Frier)
  8. Recitation (Fred Freeman)
  9. A Highland Lad my Love was Born (Mairi MacInnes)
  10. Recitation (Fred Freeman)
  11. Let Me Ryke up to Dight that Tear (Rod Paterson)
  12. Recitation (Fred Freeman)
  13. My Bonie Lass (Ian Bruce)
  14. Recitation (Fred Freeman)
  15. I Am a Bard (Ian Bruce)
  16. Recitation (Fred Freeman)
  17. See the Smoking Bowl (Rod Paterson)
  18. Its Up Wi the Souters o Selkirk (Ross Kennedy)
  19. Youre Welcome to Despots, Dumourier (Steve Byrne)
  20. Again Rejoicing Nature Sees (Gordon Kelly)
  21. Adieu! (Jim Reid)
  22. Orthodox, Orthodox (Kirsten Easdale)
  23. O Wat Ye What that Lo es Me (Gordon Kelly)
  24. O Bonie was Yon Rosy Brier / O Lovely Polly Stewart (John Nichol)
  25. Farewell Thou Stream (Steve Byrne)
  26. The Auld Mans Mares Dead / What Will I do Gin my Hoggie die? (Christine Kydd)
  27. Now Spring Has Clad (Gordon Kelly)
  28. There was a Bonie Lass / Does Haughty Gaul Invasion Threat? (John Nichol)
  29. Go On Sweet Bird (Christine Kydd)
  30. Dire was the Hate (Wendy Weatherby)
  31. O Sing a New Song (Janet Russell)
  32. O How Shall I Unskilfu Try (Rod Paterson)
  33. Ah Chloris Since It May Not Be / O My Luves Like a Red, Red Rose (Tich Frier)

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