Various Artists : The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Vol 1

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Media: CD
Genre: Folk & Traditional
Catalogue Number: CKD289a
Label: Linn Records 2007
Released: 1995

The acclaimed series, produced and compiled by Dr Fred Freeman and featuring interpretations by top contemporary Burns singers.

This product can also be bought as part of The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns Box Set


  1. When rosy May comes in wi flowers (Tony Cuffe)
  2. O, that I had neer been married (Rod Paterson)
  3. Wee Willie Gray (Tony Cuffe & Rod Paterson)
  4. O whall mow me now? (Janet Russell)
  5. Brose and butter (Billy Ross)
  6. The wintry west extends his blast (Ian F Benzie)
  7. Sweet Afton (Tony Cuffe )
  8. Duncan Gray (Janet Russell & Christine Kydd)
  9. The winter it is past (Billy Ross)
  10. Gudeen to you kimmer (Christine Kydd & Rod Paterson)
  11. Kellyburn Braes (Alan Reid)
  12. The slaves lament (Christine Kydd)
  13. Of a the airts the wind can blaw (Rod Paterson)
  14. What can a young lassie do wi an auld man (Ian F Benzie)
  15. Ay, waukin, O (Tony Cuffe)
  16. O steer her up, an haud her gaun (Rod Paterson)
  17. The cooper o Cuddy (Tony Cuffe)
  18. O, rattlin, roarin Willie (Rod Paterson)
  19. To the weavers gin you go (Janet Russell)
  20. Lady Mary Ann (Billy Ross)
  21. Montgomeries Peggy (Ian F Benzie)
  22. The lea-rigg (Rod Paterson)
  23. Yestreen I had a pint o wind (Tony Cuffe)

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