Various Artists : The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Vol 11

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Media: CD
Genre: Folk & Traditional
Catalogue Number: CKD289k & l
Label: Linn Records 2007
Released: 2002

The acclaimed series, produced and compiled by Dr Fred Freeman and featuring interpretations by top contemporary Burns singers.

This product can also be bought as part of The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns Box Set


  1. Disc 1
  2. Ca the yowes (Kirsten Easdale & Ross Kennedy)
  3. I gaed a waefu gate (Ross Kennedy)
  4. Fy let us a to Kirkcudbright (John Nichol)
  5. Thou lingring star (Jim Reid)
  6. O for my ain king (Ross Kennedy)
  7. O sad and heavy / Wilt thou be my dearie (John Nichol)
  8. Clarinda (Steve Byrne)
  9. Twas in the seventeen hunder years (Gordon Kelly)
  10. My love shes but a lassie yet (Jim Reid)
  11. Had I a cave / Farewell thou fair day (Kirsten Easdale)
  12. True-hearted was he (John Nichol)
  13. My father was a farmer (Steve Byrne)
  14. Thickest night / How land and dreary is the night (Billy Ross)
  15. Fate gave the word (Lesley Hale)
  16. Heres to thy health / O wat ye whas in yon town (John Croall)
  17. O were thou in the cauld blast (Lionel McClelland)
  18. As I came o er the Cairney mount / Dainty Davie (Kirsten Easdale)
  19. As I stood by (Tich Frier)
  20. O Philly (Tich Frier & Lesley Hale)
  21. Twas even (Rod Paterson)
  22. Stay my charmer (Tich Frier)
  23. O were thou love (Billy Ross)
  24. In simmer (Kirsten Easdale)
  25. Disc 2
  26. Heard ye o the tree o France (Rod Paterson)
  27. Here is the glen (Steve Byrne)
  28. The taylor fell thro the bed (John Nichol)
  29. Fair the face of orient day (Jim Reid)
  30. Aften hae I playd (Kirsten Easdale)
  31. In Tarbolton (Ross Kennedy)
  32. There was a lass and she was fair (Janet Russell)
  33. By Allen stream (Rod Paterson)
  34. Up and warn a Willie (Findlay Napier)
  35. Oh I forbid you, maidens a (Kirsten Easdale)
  36. In Edinburgh town / Cock up your beaver (When first my brave Johnnie) (Wendy Weatherby)
  37. As I cam down by Annan side (Kirsten Easdale)
  38. Had I the wyte / When maukin bucks (Rod Paterson)
  39. When Mary cam over the border (Wendy Weatherby)
  40. Saw ye my Maggie (FIndlay Napier & Gordon Kelly)
  41. As honest Jacob (Billy Ross)
  42. Grim Grizzel / The night (Tich Frier)
  43. The cares o love / Come rede me dame (Christine Kydd)
  44. While prose-work and rhymes / When Princes and Prelates (Janet Russell)
  45. Ill tell you a tale (TIch Frier)
  46. O wha ll mow me now? (Janet Russell)
  47. Amang our young lasses (John Croall)
  48. Green grow the rashes, O (Bawdy Version) / Altho my back (was at the wa) (Wendy Weatherby)
  49. There was twa wives (Rod Paterson)

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