Various Artists : The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Vol 10

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Media: CD
Genre: Folk & Traditional
Catalogue Number: CKD289j
Label: Linn Records 2007
Released: 2001

The acclaimed series, produced and compiled by Dr Fred Freeman and featuring interpretations by top contemporary Burns singers.

This product can also be bought as part of The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns Box Set


  1. Adown winding Nith (John Nichol)
  2. How can my poor heart be glad (Gillian Frame)
  3. Twas past one o clock (Ross Kennedy)
  4. Yon wild mossy mountains / O saw ye my dearie? (Jim Reid)
  5. Mary Morison (Billy Ross)
  6. On Cessnock banks (John Nichol)
  7. Is this my plighted, fond regard / This is no my ain lassie (John Croall)
  8. MacPhersons farewell (Billy Ross)
  9. Heres a health to them / Heres a health to ane (Gordon Kelly)
  10. As down the burn / My Peggys face (Billy Ross}
  11. Wham will ye send (Jim Reid)
  12. Ye flowery banks / The lazy mist (Mairi Campbell)
  13. Come let me take thee / Jockies ta en the parting kiss (Janet Russell & Gillian Macdonald)
  14. O saw ye my dear (Tich Frier)
  15. I sing of a whistle (Kirsten Easdale)
  16. Man was made to mourn (Ross Kennedy)
  17. Husband, husband (Lesley Hale, Tich Frier)
  18. Anna / The Catrine Woods (Jim Reid)
  19. Sleepst thou or wakst thou / Mark yonder pomp (Lionel McClelland)
  20. Where are the joys? (Jim Reid)
  21. It is na Jean (Lionel McClelland)
  22. O stay / O ay my wife she dang me (John Nichol)

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