David Paul Jones: Something There

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Media: CD
Genre: Classical
Catalogue Number: CKD 179
Label: LINN
Released: 2002

Woop-woop: an imaginary place, a place everywhere and nowhere, a place to escape to, a place without time, a place that can be anything you want it to be, where you create your own magic, where anything or nothing can happen...
Mystery and fantasy are at the heart of Something There, written by David Paul Jones. The lyrics form a narrative contemplating the wonder and uncertainty of love and life, the sorrow of loss and the ungraspable nature of creation; the lyrics shift between a kind of ‘sound-poetry’ and actual words, where meaning is at times ambiguous but always driven by an underlying sense of wonderment.
Performed by the DPJ Ensemble , David Paul Jones (vocals/ piano), Carolyn Murray-Hamilton (vocals), Steve Kettley (soprano saxophone), Donnie Gillan (cello), Lucy Borthwick (cello), Robin Mason (cello), Carole Melrose (double bass), Neil Sommerville (percussion)


  1. wondering about the rose
  2. contemplating a river
  3. the sun comes and goes in
  4. the land of woop-woop
  5. love : that smiling fugitive
  6. an introduction to the art of flying

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