Concerto Caledonia: Colin's Kisses -The Music Of James Oswald

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Media: CD
Genre: Early (pre-1800)
Catalogue Number: CKD101
Label: Linn records

Concerto Caledonia is Scotland’s baroque ensemble, specialising in the music of 18th century Scotland played on period instruments, and directed by David McGuinness.

James Oswald 1710- 1769. The Scottish musical rococo is a rare commodity and yet James Oswald, a local musicians's son from the fishing village of Crail on the east coast just below St Andrews, reveals just how fashionable courtly elegance can be when tenderly infused by the unmistakable reeling of Scottish vernacular melody. Oswald was active in the mid-eighteenth century and found his greatest success in London, where he worked as a chamber composer for George III and ran a music shop next to St Martin-in-the-Fields. Indeed, it is not hard to see how he came to be a popular figure, with his easy, measured lyricism articulated by a natural, if not spectacular melodic gift. Jonathan Freeman-Attwood - Gramophone

Oswald was an insatiable collector of Scottish traditional music and the examples presented by the splendid Concerto Caledonia deserve to be better known.


  1. Ballance a Straw
  2. The Thistle: Partoralle- Andantino
  3. The Thislte: Brilliante; Amoroso; Brilliante
  4. Collin's Kisses: The tutor
  5. Collin's Kisses: The secret kiss
  6. Collin's Kisses: The Borrow'd Kiss
  7. Collin's Kisses: The Rapture
  8. The Almond: Plaintive - Affettuoso
  9. The Almond: Allegro
  10. Collin's Kisses: The stolen kiss
  11. Collin's Kisses: The kiss repaid
  12. Collin's Kisses: The parting kiss
  13. A sonata of Scots Tunes: O mother what shall i do
  14. A sonata of Scots Tunes: Adagio - ettrick banks
  15. A sonata of Scots Tunes: Andante - She rose and let me in
  16. A sonata of Scots Tunes: Cromit's lilt
  17. A sonata of Scots Tunes: Polwart on the Green
  18. A sonata of Scots Tunes: The dancing master
  19. Divertimento no 4: Affettuoso - largo
  20. Divertimento no 4: Gavotta- moderato
  21. Divertimento no 4: Andante
  22. Divertimento no 4: Con spirito - moderato
  23. Cantata- The dust cart: recit- as tink'ring Tom the Streets his trade did cry Aria - Oh Silvia!
  24. Cantata - the dust cart: recit - silvia advanc'd above the rabble rout aria - shall i who ride above
  25. Serenata no 4: Languido - largo
  26. Serenata no 4: Allegro - con spirito
  27. Serenata no 4: Moderato - cantabli
  28. Serenata no 4: Pastorale - con spririto
  29. Colin's Kisses: the feast
  30. Colin's kisses: the meeting kiss
  31. The Narcissus: Air - andante pastorale
  32. The Narcissus: Giga - vivace
  33. Colin's kisses: the imaginary kiss

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