Various Artists: Stow College Sampler (Big Issue Feb 04)

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Media: CD
Genre: Rock & Pop
Catalogue Number: STOWCD001
Released: February 2004

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Free with Big issue Scotland 29th Jan- 5th Feb edition 2004.

In conjuntion with Big issue Scotland, Stow College produces a sampler CD showcasing new talent on both it's R&P based 'Electric Honey' label and it's dance/electronica/hip hop label 'Gdansk'.


  1. Paris 400 - Mylo (Gdasnk)
  2. Motox - Alan Vega/ RCTJ vs Scientific Support Dept (Gdasnk)
  3. Delaware - Monkey Tribe (Gdasnk)
  4. Tqtir Rqkju - Stafrann Hakon (Gdasnk)
  5. Less the Product - Biffy Clyro (Electric Honey)
  6. Something Beautiful - Odean Beat Club (Electric Honey)
  7. In Dreams - Poor Old Ben (Electric Honey)
  8. Looking in the Mirror - Ludovico (Electric Honey)

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