5:am: The Guilt Room

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Media: CD
Genre: Rock & Pop
Label: not known
Released: May 2003

Dave describes 5:AM as his "sickly, beautiful child, reared in the flickering light of 80s sci-fi. My music is darkly Aeolian, piano-led electronica wrapped in swathes of IDM-lite machine noise and 8-bit test tones".

Dave Simpson- 2003 Album- 'The Guilt Room' 2003 Featuring performances from: Dionne Copland, Leila Dunn, Christine Molloy, Eleanor Simpson, Fiona Smith, Lucy Watt, Heather Whiting

Dave Simpson all compositions and production.

Christine Molloy - vocal track 1&5
Lucy Watt - vocal track 2&8
Jonny Scott - engineer track 2&8
Fiona Smith - vocal 2
Heather Whiting - vocals track 4
Eleanor Simpson - voacl track 6
Leila Dunn - vocal track 7
Dionne Copland - tenor sax 7


  1. Cancer 1986
  2. These Thoughts
  3. A Year Apart
  4. Twenty
  5. A Year at Home
  6. The Stranger
  7. Milk
  8. Falls

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